Cuma, Haziran 30, 2017

Network-mediated/facilitated Protests in Iran, Egypt and Turkey: Unwitting Leaders and a Test of Activists’ Patientia

State apparatus removes public displays of opposition from the political sphere so that the nature of social kinetics (stability) becomes maintained. Unexpectedly though, collective actions in Egypt, Iran and Turkey indicated atoms of social kinetics may be set in motion upon an impact from deep within the social strata. Conditions of a social equilibrium are likely to be challenged by protest actions. As these are progressively constituted and mediated in digital networks, classical leadership or vanguard figures mutates into new forms. This breeds new pioneers whom I refer to as unwitting leaders . As individual cases showed in Egypt, Iran and Turkey, these leaders inadvertantly rise to prominence despite disclaiming leadership. As a downside, dissidents (political activists) are subjected to state violence which relies on reinforcement or suspension of laws; their patientia is tested.

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